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Lisa Moore Quilt with a Twist Shadowbox
Shadowbox "Spirit of the Great Land" by Lisa Moore
  Price $9.50 

Loons Calling
A peaceful scene of a pair of loons, with their chick on their back, gliding through the still waters of Alaska.
Finished size: 37" X 28"
This comes with a bonus accent peice, two patterns for one price.

  Price $13.50 

Loons Calling Accent
This little accent peice comes with the wall haning "Loons Calling"
Finished size: 15" X18"
This cannot be purchased seperately.  Purchasing this,  and you will also get the wall hanging.

  Price $13.50 

Majestic Challenge
The majetic bull elk bugles his challenge to any nearby competitor. 
Finished size: 28" X 37"
This comes with an accent peice, two patterns for one price.

  Price $13.50 

Mini Photo Album
Mini Photo Album, a Lisa Moore Quilts with a Twist Pattern, 10" x 24"
  Price $9.50 

Miss Peggy
Miss Peggy, BJ Designs and Patterns, 32 1/2" x 32 1/2"
  Price $16.00 

Moose Meadows
The mighty bull moose frames this iconic Alaskan silhouette.
Finished size: 37"X 28"
This comes with a bonus accent pattern, tow patterns for one price.

  Price $13.50 

Moose Meadows Accent
This charmming accent peice comes with the wall hanging "Moose Meadows"
Finished size:15" X 18"
This can not be purchased seperately, it comes with the wall hanging.

  Price $13.50 

Morley J Moose III
Morley J Moose III, BJ Designs and Patterns, 36" x 31"
  Price $16.00 

Mount Redoubt Designs Gathering Girl
Gathering Girl, a Mt Redoubt Pattern, 18 1/2" x 53 1/2"
  Price: $16.00  Sale price $12.00

Mountain Retreat Accent
Comes with the "Mountain Retreat" pattern.  
Finished sie: 15" X 18"
If you order this, you will recieve both patterns. 

  Price $13.50 

Moutain Retreat
A wonderful vista of a restful mountain scene.  Comes with the bonus accent piece.  Two for the price of one!
Finished size:  37" X 28"
If you order this, you will receive both patterns. 

  Price $13.50 

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